• Introduction

Dear Customers,

In the ”Service Report” you fill find a description of our restaurant services offered and our commitment to you.

• Presentation

Since 1980, the Papa Francesco restaurant has established itself as a cosy and welcome meeting place for international customers.

The family management of Augusto, Rita and Paolo can assure you a warm and enjoyable atmosphere without renouncing that ”touch of class” which is so eminent in the most ”special” occasions.

Lunch is well suited for brief business meetings where people have little time available. To meet this need, we have an abundant range of tasty and delicious dishes of the day.

Soft lighting, background music and our warmth guarantee your dinner that typical 60s Italian style ”Dolce Vita”, which is so loved by many tourists. It is not by chance that every year (and often more than once in the same period) our loyal customers come back to us, transforming a ”Client – Restaurant” relationship into that of a ”Friend of The Family.” This is the most gratifying and rewarding aspect for our daily efforts and commitment to good food and customer satisfaction.

And let’s not forget the ”after-theatre” dinner (dopo-teatro) where, for the few fortunate, there is an occasion to dine next to the tables of the great and famous opera masters ranging like Placido Domingo.

Sundays and holidays are dedicated to families with children, giving parents the possibility to relax and enjoy themselves, without the worry of being a disturbance to others.

With the beginning of spring, you have a possibility to have lunch and dinner in the open, admiring two of the most famous and important places of the historic centre of Milan: ”The Scala” and Marino Palace.

• Opening Hours and Contact Information

Lunch: 12.00 – 14.30 Dinner: 19.00 – 22.30

Reservations are necessary for the ”after-theatre” (La Scala Performance)

Closed Monday

Closed for holidays from the 1st to 14rd of January and the week of August 15th

Tel: 02/862177 – Fax: 0245409112

E-mail: [email protected]

Web-site: www.papafrancesco.com

• Additional Information

Number of covers: 100 internal divided into 2 floors / 30 external

Parking: None

Accepted credit cards: Visa, MasterCard,JCB

• Quality Policy


The cuisine, under the care of Augusto, is entirely centred on tradition. His extensive experience as chef began at Capannina di Franceschi di Forte dei Marmi, advancing to the position of personal chef of Silvana Mangano and Dino de Laurentis (famous producer), starting with simple dishes but prepared with great skill and attention. He is always attentive in his selection of the main ingredients.

All the staff are well aware of the importance of customer service. The staff is also trained according to the hygiene norm and safety of the ingredients through special courses given by specialized consultants.

• Standards of Quality

All our rooms are equipped with air conditioning and smoke extractors.

For business meetings, the restaurant has a private room available called ”Room of the Artists” where you can admire the photos of clients who come to our restaurant, as well as famous personalities and celebrities.

The bathroom is equipped for the handicapped.

For the little ones, nursery services are also available.

”Special” menus available on request: vegetarian, low-calorie dishes based on meat and fish. In case of allergy or high intolerance to some types of food, in particularly gluten, we kindly ask that you make reservations the day before. However, gluten-free menu for those suffering from the celiac condition is also available.

In order to please all our customers, the menu has been written in 7 different languages: English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish and Greek.

Our wait staff can guarantee you the knowledge of English, French, German, Spanish and a little bit of Japanese.

Mr. Augusto can provide you with information about the preparation method of our dishes as well as the origin of our main ingredients.

• Process Control Method

A careful selection of suppliers which follow the hygiene requests dictated by law, guarantee safety and origin of the ingredients which are preserved in proper areas of the refrigerator, separated according to the type of product.

Further to growing experience ranging for almost 25 years in the business, we have elevated the standards of quality and safety of our dishes and guarantee the introduction of new technology such as a mechanism to rapidly decrease temperature, whose correct use reduces the growth of bacteria in our food and dishes.

All work areas of the kitchen and equipment are systematically cleaned and sanitized according to the level that is needed and to the frequency of work and the products used. The same level of cleanliness is applied to all the premises of the restaurant.

The conditions of the structure and its regular maintenance and cleaning prevent insects and rodents from entering. To ensure this, we have a special monitoring system managed by a specialized firm.

The entire hygiene and food safety system is managed according to the level of special check up, carried out with respect to the HACCP method and specific procedures, which guarantees a healthy preparation method and the well being of our customers.

Finally, in order to guarantee the information mentioned above, we have reliable consultants of our sector who during the span of the year monitor the following:

  • check up of the activity to verify the conformity to the hygiene state of the premises of production, preservation method, administration and sanification.
  • training and the up-dating of staff to improve and maintain good work proceedure.
  • check and verify the freshness and safety of food products, ingredients and their correct use, as well as drinking water, according to product samples.
  • check and verify the hygiene of work area and the hands of workers through the use of swabs.
  • Reports of the analyses performed by a range of samples through the emission of certificates by the official laboratory of the department of Veterinary Science and Technology for the Food Safety.

•  Control and Verification of Services






Law 626/94



Manual 626/94

Hygiene and Food Safety



Manual Check

Microbiological Analysis

Giubilesi & Associati


Analysis Results

and Swabs

Refrigerator Temperature



Temperature Table

Cleaning and Hygiene Services

Cleaning Staff

Twice a Day

Level of Cleaning

Customer Satisfaction

Paolo e Augusto



•  Our Products and Suppliers

Flour Organic Az.Agricola De Blasi Vito
Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Az.Agricola De Blasi Vito
Carnaroli Rice O.G.M. Free Az.Agricola Berri Luigi
German, Holand and Polish Meat Pessina Carni
Italian Meat Pessina Carni
Bottarga, Smoked Tuna, Smoked Sword Fish Ocean Eagle
Fresh Fish Cirotto Salvatore
Frozen Fish Eurofish di Sassarini Giuseppe
Cheeses and Cold Cuts Sancini Ettore
Fruits and Vegetables Dicensi Marco
Dessert Bindi

All the suppliers continuously control all our products which are quality certified. It is possible to obtain their certificate track record.

• Wine List

What would a good meal be without an excellent bottle of Italian wine? For this reason, a ”wine list” has been created and subdivided into regions with additional information about the grapes for every type of wine proposed.

Certain to have done everything to please you, we wish you

Buon appetito!